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Crime Prevention  

Make sure that your house number is clearly marked and visible from the street. East Ridge has a very active and committed crime prevention program. The Crime Prevention Officer, Captain Tim Mullinax, is responsible for establishing and coordinating the Neighborhood Watch Program citywide. Capt. Mullinax makes on-site surveys for residences and businesses in our city. These inspections include recommendations to homeowners and businesses to help eliminate areas that would encourage criminal behavior. These inspections are free of charge.

The Crime Prevention Officer also conducts analysis of crime incidents citywide to determine where increased patrol or surveillance activities are warranted. Capt. Mullinax also is active in East Ridge schools and attends community events conducting safety and drug awareness programs and equipment displays.

You may contact Capt. Mullinax at the East Ridge Police Department, 4214 Ringgold Rd., or call (423)867-3718. He can also be reached at his e-mail address,

  • Make sure you have a complete, up to date inventory of your valuables, including serial numbers and descriptions.
  • Make sure all exterior doors have dead bolt locks.
  • Make sure all shrubs and bushes are cut below window level.
  • Make sure to use a peephole before answering the door.
  • Never allow a stranger into your home to place a phone call, place the call for them.
  • When in doubt, call the police department. That is what we are here for.
  • Be a good neighbor and call police to report any suspicious activities.  reviews and rates Home Security Systems. This resource provides useful information about components, scope and options for many of the available Security Systems.