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New Family Dollar to Hold Grand Opening Ceremony


EAST RIDGE, TN - The City of East Ridge announces that construction is complete and the Grand Opening planned for the new Family Dollar store, located at 3609 Ringgold Road, on Saturday, December 20 at 8 a.m.


The Grand Opening ceremony will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony and the first 50 customers receiving a $5 gift card and other giveaways while supplies last.


District Manager Glen Morgain said that the new store marks the third evolution of Family Dollar stores in East Ridge.  Morgain stated that “Family Dollar stores started with the first store many years ago on the East end of East Ridge, the second store a relocation into a newer space in the middle of East Ridge, and now our newest store on the West end of the City.”


Family Dollar has a variety of goods ranging from their own Family Dollar brand to national chain brands. According to Morgain, the success of the Family Dollar stores in East Ridge made building the third store an obvious choice with three locations spread out along Ringgold Road, which makes finding a Family Dollar store convenient for customers.


For more information about the grand opening ceremony on Saturday, December 20, contact District Manager Glenn Morgain at

EAST RIDGE, TENNESSEE.  East Ridge Police Chief Reed is issuing a local warning regarding a phone scam that has recently made its way into the area. This is the same scam that Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson has alerted the residents of in his district.

The scam targets residents by phone through callers alleging to be representatives of the Internal Revenue Service. The fake “IRS agent” tells the potential victim that they are facing legal action for a tax violation, and that the only way to avoid being prosecuted is to place a certain amount of money onto a reloadable Green Dot card or other similar reloadable card. The caller then says that the account will be forgiven if an immediate payment is made to this reloadable card, and the alleged “tax violation” will be taken off the potential victim’s record.

According to information gathered about the scam, the caller speaks in broken English. The caller may use an out of state telephone number. If the resident does not answer the call, the caller may leave instructions or a call-back number to respond back within 24 hours. The caller may ask for a call back when money has been deposited on the Green Dot card.


If you receive a phone call from a scam artist, DO NOT verify or give any personal information and DO NOT give them any money or go purchase a card of any kind in order to pay a delinquent bill. This is not how the IRS handles delinquent taxes or other issues.


Most legitimate businesses or government agencies will never ask you personal information or ask you to purchase reloadable cards as a payment option. In order to not become a victim of a telephone scam, DO NOT give them anything at all (information or money). It is the only way to ensure you do not become a victim of this type of criminal activity.


If you receive a call like this or are unsure if the caller is from a legitimate organization, notify the East Ridge Police Department at 622-1725 to make a report. The number to report suspicious IRS scam activity is 1-800-366-4484. The East Ridge Police Department wants everyone to be safe and avoid being the victim of a telephone scam.

Not enough emphasis is given on the good deeds that police officers do each and every day. One such deed was caught on camera and the pictures have gone viral on Facebook. WRCB's David Carroll has written a great article about that officer, one of East Ridge's finest:
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