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EAST RIDGE, TENN -   The East Ridge Police Department has ordered 14 new laptop computers with in-car mounts in order for officers to stay out in the field longer all while getting much needed paperwork completed. Currently, the officers have to return to the station to complete incident reports, arrest reports and crash reports on desktop computers. This will cut down on the officers’ time off the road, catching offenders and help with response times to calls of service.

With the implementation of the new in-car computer systems, officers can stay within their assigned districts while getting reports written as well as running driver information within the system to check for offences or outstanding warrants. This makes the officer more efficient and helps them to have needed information while in the field.

These computers were purchased with a combination of Federal Department of Justice Grants and the sale of outdated/surplus equipment and vehicles.

Residents can now access Enterprise South Industrial Park from Camp Jordan via CARTA bus services. See page 5 of the attachment to view the East Ridge route.

CARTA Routes to Enterprise South 

EAST RIDGE, TN – East Ridge officials have been notified that the City has been awarded both applications submitted by the City for the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Grant for a total of $229,442, both awarded amounts total.

The SRTS Program seeks to encourage students and their families to walk or bike rather than use vehicles to transport them to school, especially if they live close to the school.

An award of $204,442 financed by the state at 100% (no local match required) will fund improvements to create or improve existing sidewalks adjacent to East Ridge Elementary. The second grant of $25,000 financed by the state at 100% (no local match required) will fund a project for educational activities to promote walking or biking to school.

The East Ridge Elementary SRTS Grant is the latest of several grants applied for opportunities to improve access to and adjacent to Ringgold Road to expand or improve the sidewalks throughout the City. The SRTS the most recent grant as a part of the street improvement initiative, the City also received the recent award of approximately $1 million for a Multimodal Grant, which the project will expand pathways on both sides of Ringgold Road from Tombras Avenue to Belvoir Drive. The Safe Routes to School Grant for East Ridge Elementary will focus on the area around the school (Belvoir Drive and John Ross Road).

“This is just one of many community development grants and initiatives that the City has sought to bring in a new era of enhanced quality of life for East Ridge citizens and businesses,” said Mayor Brent Lambert.  “With the influx of new businesses along the Border Region Corridor and the beautification of existing businesses, safe and attractive multi-use paths and improved curbside appeal for citizens and visitors on Ringgold Road will bring even more people to our city looking to live and do business with us.

“The City of East Ridge appreciates TDOT for their strong, ongoing support and our continued partnership as we could not be more excited. This is one more example of the exciting projects underway in the City East Ridge in partnership with TDOT” said Lambert.


For more information about the Safe Routes to School Program, project guidelines, and applications, please visit

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